Valve Vanisher

Valve Vanisher™ with EIS

Rasmussen has created the Valve Vanisher ™ as the solution to three main issues with Electronic Ignition Systems installed inside the fireplace:

  1. The “Big Ugly Box”
  2. The Big Ugly box requires that the gas log set be downsized in order to center the set; otherwise, the log set is off-centered.  Either way, the aesthetics of the gas log set and fireplace are less than desirable.
  3. The components are very heat sensitive.


With the Valve Vanisher, Rasmussen has taken the components of the Big Ugly Box and located them underneath the gas log set.  The VV raises the log set up just 2 5/8”.  The control valve is located on the right, and the control module on the left; both are in cool zones proven by extensive testing.

The burner, grate, control system and VV are factory assembled and tested.  When you remove the assembly out of carton, it is ready to be set in the fireplace, hook up to the gas supply, place the pan filler, logs, and embers, then light it off.  Each system includes the Remote Transmitter with Variable Flame Height Control and LCD Display.

The TNA Valve Vanishers are sized to fit the steeply tapered dimensions of the Rumford Fireplaces.

The Fireline (FGV and FDV), Custom Pan (CS) and Custom Embers (CXF), which are systems predominately used with the Alterna FireGlitter, FireDrops, FireBalls, FireShapes and FireStones, are offered in both Black Painted and Stainless Steel finishes for contemporary appearances.

Air flow is absolutely necessary to keep the components cool.  Piling volcanic ash, sand, embers or glass against the air slots would cause overheating and is forbidden.  You can obscure the VV by creating a berm of ash, sand, or glass, and/or place chips, chunks, twigs and pine cones in front of the VV, as long as there is space for air to flow to the VV.

Lighting the system requires that you press two buttons on the remote simultaneously (safety feature).  This starts the unit beeping.  After about six beeps, the sparking will commence, which results in the pilot lighting.  The beeping will continue for a period of time while the system performs and proving process, after which the motor drive will fully open the valve to flow gas to the burner, which is ignited by the pilot flame.

Pressing the OFF button stops the flow of gas to the burner and pilot, shutting the unit completely off.

With the elimination of the Big Ugly Box and the application of the Valve Vanisher to nine different burners with sizes ranging from 15” to 30”, Rasmussen should have an Electronic Ignition System and look to meet your desires.