Solaire Price Changes

New Solaire Price List and Item Changes

Relax – no price change, except for a few of the covers.  The price list is available on our knowledge base at, specifically at

We have updated our Solaire Price list to reflect the materials offered for our grill covers.  Most of our covers are now made of a heavy duty material called “UltraTexHyde” with an embossed Solaire logo, and are made in the USA.  Prices of these covers have increased a bit.  Those not identified below as UltraTexHyde will be upgraded at a later date once our inventory of them is exhausted.

We have discontinued the Solaire SS Cleaner/Polish, due to a lack of sales.  There are many acceptable options in the grocery aisle at a lower price.

We have added two styles of 36-inch built-in doors.

We have deleted the Rail Mount and Square Post Adapter for the Solaire Portable Grills.  We recommend using the SOL-170BR Adapter Plate with many of the rail, deck and fishing pole mounts offered by Magma Products, which are available at leading boating and online retailers.

Here are a summary of the changes made to the price list.  All other items and prices remain the same as in the April 1, 2011 price list. Click on the image below to view directly in RasBox and download a PDF version.