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New Solaire Price List and Item Changes
Relax – no price change, except for a few of the covers.  The price list is available on our knowledge base at www.RasBox.com, specifically at http://bit.ly/LwoH11We have updated our Solaire Price list to reflect the materials offered for our grill covers.  Most of our covers are now made of a heavy duty material called “UltraTexHyde” with an embossed Solaire logo, and are made in the USA.  Prices of these covers have increased a bit.  Those not identified below as UltraTexHyde will be upgraded at a later date once our inventory of them is exhausted.We have discontinued the Solaire SS Cleaner/Polish, due to a lack of sales.  There are many acceptable options in the grocery aisle at a lower price.We have added two styles of 36-inch built-in doors.

We have deleted the Rail Mount and Square Post Adapter for the Solaire Portable Grills.  We recommend using the SOL-170BR Adapter Plate with many of the rail, deck and fishing pole mounts offered by Magma Products, which are available at leading boating and online retailers.

Here is a summary of the changes made to the price list.  All other items and prices remain the same as in the April 1, 2011 price list.





Are Gas Logs A Cure For Smoking Fireplaces?

(This information appeared in the June 2012 issue of Sweeping magazine as a technical article by Rett Rasmussen)

Q – Is a gas log set a cure for a smoking (non-drafting) fireplace?

A – Yes and no.  Most sweeps have worked on a fireplace that, despite applying a cap, trimming back trees, lengthening the stack and many other tricks of the trade, they just can’t seem to correct the drafting problem.  Gas logs come to mind as a possible solution, but which kind you use can either continue the problem or provide a viable solution for providing a flame in the fireplace.

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“Save Gas Logs” Update

June was a busy month in the industry’s efforts to right the wrong created by the US Department of Energy with their “Rulemakings” of April 2010 and November 2011.

The DOE sought to bring Decorative Hearth Products under their regulatory control.  While Gas Logs were momentarily reprieved, Decorative Gas Fireplaces are the subject of the lawsuit by HPBA on behalf of our industry (and joined by National Propane Gas Association).  On June 1, HPBA received notice that oral arguments would be heard on September 11, 2011, by a three-judge panel of the DC Court of Appeals.  On June 20, HPBA and NPGA filed the “Petitioners’ Joint Reply Brief”  (http://bit.ly/Lbn6ev) , which is the last of the truly substantive filings in the proceeding.  Two largely administrative filings remain, the last of which is due on Thursday, July 5th.

So, on 9/11 while you are honoring those who perished eleven years prior in the attack, please say a prayer for our industry as HPBA and NPGA argue before the Court on our behalf.

By the way, if you are not a member of HPBA, and you derive any portion of your income from gas fireplaces or gas logs, please join at http://www.hpba.org/members/join-hpba  HPBA is doing what it does best right now, which is to fight for our industry.  As of early June, the various governmental issues currently being fought by HPBA have cost in excess of $2 million, with half being shouldered by manufacturers.  All in the industry need to participate in funding these efforts, as the threats are numerous and costly.  In the immortal words of Benjamin Franklin, at the signing of the Declaration of Independence: “We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”



News & Notes
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Update on Evin’s Ride


In last month’s newsletter we introduced you to Capt. (SEAL) Evin Thompson, USN (ret.), who on May 1 commenced a 4200 mile bike ride across the USA on the TransAmerican Bike Trail. Evin, who is Rett Rasmussen’s Naval Academy classmate and water polo teammate, retired pic5in April after thirty years of active duty and commenced on the bike ride of a lifetime.As of this writing, he is in Kentucky and getting closer to his destination of Yorktown, VA. Please note from the photo that Evin has yet to shave since he left Oregon.

Evin is dedicating each day of his ride to a fallen SEAL or support hero who has made the supreme sacrifice since 9/11/01. I am helping Evin’s remembrance of these heroes by posting them to my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/rett.rasmussen.  I encourage you to donate to the Navy Seal Foundation whose mission is to assist the families of injured or killed SEALs and boat operators.

Evin’s ride could also be subtitled “Eating My Way Across America.”  I swear I gain five pounds every day I read his blog posts at http://bit.ly/followevin .  Evin is burning a lot of calories pedaling and he knows how to replenish them in style.  Check Evin’s blog out, as it can be quite entertaining as well as touching, especially his accounts of the fine people he has met on his journey.







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